We Build, Operate & Manage

Primary Care Centers Rehabilitation Centers Detoxification Centers Home Health Care Nutritional Food Centers

providing integrated, quality  healthcare services in a unique bio-psyhcosocial approach.

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Who are we?

About Us

Health Gates Is A Firm That Designs, Builds, Operates And Manages Healthcare Facilities. We serve an array of business models, including primary care, specialty care , urgent care and home care.

We provide a qualitative change in the concept of mental health through detoxification and rehabilitation centers for people with Substance Use Disorders from a bio-psychosocial perspective

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What we do

Featured Projects

HG Primary Care

Primary Care

A private Primary Health Care Center that provides integrated quality healthcare services.

Ranging from Health Promotion, Disease Prevention & Treatment

HG Rehab


We provide a qualitative change in the concept of mental health through Rehabilitation for Substance users from a bio-psychosocial perspective. 

Ranging from Treatment to Rehabilitation

HG Final-05


We provide services at Detox Centre, which target both the body and brain  and prepares substance users to get the highest benefits of  needed detox services, our mission is the sobriety and sustainable recoveries.

HG Final-04

Home Health Care

Home Care Services provided by Health Gates ensures continuity of care for patients at the comfort of their homes. 

Physician Visits, Nursing services & Laboratory.